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Training With the O2 Trainer When You Are Competing

December 08, 2018 1 min read

Mizpah Michna wrote us and asked: “I am using the O2 trainer for a competition.  I am currently @ #8… Do I keep using it up until my competition or do I stop like a week before I compete to give my lungs a break?
Here is Bas’ answer:
“You can use the O2 Trainer till three or even two days before the competition. Two days rest would be perfect.
What I personally do is this: When I drive to the gym to start my hills sprint running drills on the treadmill, I have the O2 Trainer in my mouth on number 12 and warm up my lungs with it, all the way in, but especially all the way out, meaning, ALL THE WAY OUT. It’s harder because your mouth is open a little bit, but you really have to try to force all the air out before inhaling again.
I would suggest to try this out one time, warm up your lungs and then run WITHOUT the O2 Trainer, see how that feels. I let all my students (fighters) do the same in the dressing room before the fight, they all have their O2 Trainer in their mouths.
The other great thing that the O2 Trainer does, is that it forces you to breathe the correct way, using your whole core (front and back), that’s why this is also good to do.
Godspeed and good luck with the race!