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The Power of the Playlist

December 08, 2018 2 min read

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but amateur races and competitions are becoming a lot more popular these days. Sometimes they’re just for fun (like those 5K races where everyone comes back covered in a million different colors), some are really tough obstacle courses run through the mud and some are great because they raise money for charitable causes. You might have even participated in one or all three, but it’s actually really great to see how these things are growing in popularity.

The way I look at it, these races and challenges are like gateways to getting people even more serious about their personal fitness. As a trainer, a former MMA competitor and someone who really believes that people should always work to become their best selves, I can’t help but encourage everyone I meet to stick with it. And a lot of people do. After running their first 5K or completing a super-tough obstacle course, all they can think about is the next one.




That’s where training comes in. The more serious someone gets, the more important it is to work out consistently and with a clear focus. I have a lot of personal tricks that I’ve used over the years; both for myself and for the people I train, but one that’s maybe the most fun is crafting the PERFECT playlist.

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like. We’ve all seen the clichés like the dudes who lift to speed metal or the ladies who love spinning to Top 40 club hits, but the best part of perfecting your own personal playlist is that you can control the music and you can handpick the songs that you know get you pumped. Think about it: we all hate being at a party, in a store or at the gym when the music that’s on is TERRIBLE. On the flipside, we all love when we’re alone in the car and a guilty pleasure comes on that you just have to jam to. We’ve all done it! And I’m not going to reveal what my own guilty pleasures might be, but even MMA fighters can rock out to unexpected songs. 



I realize that you might already know this trick. You might even have power songs ready to go on your workout playlists. Here’s how you can double-down on your workout: add the O2 Trainer to the mix. When you’re going through your normal routine with the O2 Trainer and your favorite tunes, getting in the zone and getting your fitness goals checked off happens so much quicker. You’ll still be pushing yourself—believe me—but when all’s said and done, you’ll be feeling so good from the adrenaline and endorphins that you’ve produced.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll be feeling that famous burn, too, but you really can’t top how you feel after teaming up with that little device. In fact, just thinking about rocking out to my favorite tunes during my workouts is making me want to head to the gym right now. I just need to grab my mp3 player and my O2 Trainer and I’ll be on my way.