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The Importance of Breathing Through Your Diaphragm

December 08, 2018 1 min read

Everyone understands the importance of breathing, but relatively few people take the time to make each breath deep and full. Breathing deeply enough to stretch the diaphragm has a number of benefits for athletes and non-athletes alike. Using a device like the O2 Trainer could help you see better performance the next time you are running to catch a late bus or around the block for some exercise.


When you take deep and slow breaths that expand the diaphragm, your muscles receive plenty of oxygen.

This can jump start your metabolism and increases your stamina and endurance. The O2 Trainer teaches you how to take deep, full breaths even when you are in the middle of an intense workout.


Blood Flow

Many people choose diaphragmatic breathing exercises as part of a stress relief program. The focus on a full breath reduces anxiety, while the increased blood flow triggered by the breathing pattern can lower blood pressure. This is a great way to prepare for exercise. Relaxing any tension in your muscles from a challenging day at work can prevent you from pulling or straining something during your exercise session.


Strength Training

If you struggle with asthma or other conditions that limit your ability to breathe deeply, you may be having a hard time reaching a new level in your fitness. Training your lungs and diaphragm with the O2 Trainer makes these muscles stronger, increasing your ability to stay oxygenated in a heavy session. Deep breathing can also reduce the discomfort that comes with a mild asthma attack.