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Release the Six Pack

December 08, 2018 3 min read

Let’s dispel one of the biggest fitness myths out there right away. You can’t burn off stomach fat by doing crunches. All of those abdominal exercises you’re doing – from planks to scissor kicks to good old fashioned sit-ups – are indeed training your core. But there is no way to specifically “target” belly fat. Your ab routine is giving you a six-pack underneath your fat layer, but it takes a different kind of training to make that six-pack visible.

Exercise is one of the factors that fire metabolism within your fat cells, causing them to convert some of their components into energy that can be used elsewhere in the body, like for the building of new muscle. There are about a million different approaches online as to how to speed this process up via different fitness plans. Ditto for diet – the food you eat, in what amount, in what order, and at what time of day has as much to do with igniting this metabolic fire as all the deadlifts in the world. As a result of all of your activities, your body burns off fat cell by cell, from head to toe wherever it’s being stored, gradually. Exercising a particular part of your body accelerates your total body-wide fat burn, not just specific to that area.


Here’s the kicker: stomach fat is the last to go. Your body holds onto this stuff the longest. Why? Amazingly enough, our bodies aren’t actually designed to be visual showcases for all of our muscles. They are full of processes and features which protect us from the elements and injury. In the case of belly fat, your body considers it insulation of the vital organs in your core. If your body thinks you are at a caloric deficit, it will hold onto the fat it considers most crucial for your survival – hence the spare tire. Isn’t that interesting? So, the secret to a six-pack is to lower total body fat percentage and lose fat everywhere, not just in your stomach.

What’s the bets program for success? It’s simple. Maximize your output in every workout. Take every opportunity to train at your peak potential. Above all, think of your whole body as one big interconnected powerhouse, not just a collection of areas you need to “work on.” One very popular workout style for fat loss is High Intensity Interval Training. This method demands full effort, full body, with very short timed rests. But even when you work out that hard, you need to look for new ways to challenge yourself.


That’s where the O2 Trainer comes in. It’s like an extra layer of training on top of your workout that will drive you to maximum intensity, maximum effort, and maximum results. By adding an O2 to your routine, your endurance and stamina will go through the roof. You’ll use your diaphragm to breathe, giving your abdominals more strength training, and boost your ability to work those intervals harder and longer. In time, the six-pack you already have will start to show. It’s not always going to be easy… but that’s why not everybody has a six-pack. Keep hitting the gym with the right tools and the right determination, and you’ll get there. Plus, stop eating all that bread.