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July 06, 2019 6 min read


Please read through the following real conversation I (Bas Rutten) had with a fellow named David over the course of 6 months. It's about 7 years ago, but the o2trainer now works the same as then!

I received a tweet September 24th 2014 from somebody with a lung problem, I told him to send me an email, this was his email and the complete email exchange after as well:

9/24/2014, David Wrote:

G’day again Bas Rutten! I saw a commercial online for your O2 lungtrainer, this interested me greatly, but i have some questions for me you may be able to ask some others for me if you are unsure about your device, i have an incurable lung disease (Diffuse Bronchiectasis) and Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency. Now the fitter i am the better i feel i am always looking at ways to improve this but due to the adrenal side or my body kicks its own arse, for example i completed a full football season here this year as a runner and trainer over 300kms i covered in 20 matches, season finished 2-3 weeks ago so hadn’t ran at all till Tuesday when i started sprint training, meant to be doing that again today (Thursday here) and I am hurting everywhere big time, its hard for me to explain but that is where the Adrenal side effects me more whereas it would not affect a normal physically healthy individual. My recovery is awful and sometimes muscle soreness for me isn’t always immediate or just the next day it can be for days but i am used to all that no pain no gain. I know when it comes to running and any intense activities my lungs is the biggest thing that slows me down or holds me back, so i was wondering if this lung training device would be of benefit to me, if you are unsure is there someone who helped develop this you could run this buy?


9/26/15 Bas Rutten Replies:


That sounds not good, but I think the o2lungtrainer will help, I mean I haven’t used my inhaler for over a year and a half, and I needed it my entire career! I don’t even carry an inhaler with me anymore, my asthma is completely gone. Now I know you have something different, but I truly believe you can train anything in your body

If you send me your address I will send you one, the only thing I would love to have in return is “feedback”.

In the UK they invented an inspiratory muscle trainer (the same as me, only controls the air IN) only theirs is big and expensive, BUT, it’s covered by the insurance for asthma patients and the results are insane.

I have been saying since day one that the power from the o2lungtrainer is that it only controls the air going IN, this way you can completely empty your lungs and work the whole inspiratory system, which you can’t when you control the air OUT as well.

Anyway, they said I was crazy, but I have the patent because of it, haha, and now these results from the UK are coming out which of course are helping me a lot!

When you start with breathing exercises only, I truly believe this will help you. The trick for you is to do “baby steps”. Do two sets of 10 repetitions two times a day, maybe even start with just 6 or 8 “inhales” and build up till you are at 3 sets of 12. Once you are there go one number up.

I do my breathing exercises with number 12, I do it in my car when I drive to the beach in the morning for my swim workout, this way I warm up my lungs (I do NOT advice anybody doing this in the car, haha)

Please get me your address and if you can give me feedback, I would really appreciate it, would be crazy when it helps you!


6.5 months later (March 23rd 2015) I receive this email:

Gday. Can ya pass this onto Bas?! Finally saw my Respiratory Specialist and here is some feedback you requested. Got great report on all fronts especially the lung function and this wasn’t on 1 of the better machines where you can close your mouth right over mouthpiece (kinda like O2 trainer) so he reckons my results would have been slightly better again. The results I will attach. In conjunction with the O2 lungtrainer and everything else I have been doing I have been sick less on less medications and able to do a lot more!

Thanks a bunch and I shall let you know how this goes further along.


It included this file from his doctor

My reply back to David:


This is Bas Rutten, thank you so much for letting us know. I am SO stoked that it helps, can’t wait what happens next.

The wife of a good friend also has a weird problem and they can’t find what it is, we send her o2trainer today, see if it helps with her as well.

Please keep getting better, and thanks again!

Are you OK with me putting this on my website? I will make sure (if you want) that there will be no mention of any name, the Doctors and yours.

Stuff like this can help me a lot of course



No worries mate and thank you and sure I don’t see a problem with it. If you’d like I can scan it and get a better quality image later on today if you’d like.


Bas Rutten:

Very cool, thank you!

And it would be really good when you can make a scan of it, do you by any chance have a test from the one you did before this one so they can see the difference? That would be something as well

Tx much appreciated!


I looked everywhere man but all I could find was old ones all similarly bad and in recent years I’ve not had the test, and funny this he wasn’t going to bother Monday since I was going so well but I insisted on it so I could get some figures, that is clearly the best I have ever been even though looking back I feel I could have probably gone slightly harder but certainly longer and that was the main different in the results of the 2 tests and I could even feeling it taking it was I’m able to sustain exhaling for longer without getting head spins or dizzy like I would have in the past and in doing so then for inferior results, when that other test was done that was in a time in my life I was the sickest I have ever been, I am going to continue to use this thing and incorporate it into different things because it clearly helps, it’s easy to use, easy to clean there’s other devices out there similar in ways, many completely different a few I have used and you cannot use them with ease working out or just randomly doing anything like yours, only problem I have with it and this is just me personally is I struggle to get to the end of the set of 12 you told me to do for needing to swallow saliva build up. Is that normal? I just swallow pop it back in and keep going.



You can see that with his incurable disease he still improved about 50%

I actually send him a video after his question about the “saliva build up”.

In the video I tell him that when you lean your head forward you automatically get that saliva build up, same as you have when you do not have the o2trainer in your mouth, but then you don’t even realize it because you swallow every 20-30 seconds the little saliva that builds up. So when doing breathing exercises hold your head straight (don’t lean forward with your head) OR exhale completely WITHOUT the o2trainer, than press the o2trainer against your lips and inhale until you can’t anymore, move the o2trainer and exhale completely again

Please note that you want to COMPLETELY exhale, so press your abs/diaphragm and push everything out, then you exhale again WITH the o2trainer.